This is a true story that tells of the power of The Spirit World; it tells of how three ordinary people came together to do extraordinary work for Spirit.

We hope it will bring comfort to those who have lost loved ones. This book through the communication of Alan Costello proves we have eternal life; death is the beginning of life not the end. Kath and Rod Griffiths along with Graham Evans will continue to serve Spirit and help others to be ambassadors of The Spirit World bringing love and healing throughout the world.


Finding Alan; three paths one journey

This book follows the lives of three normal individuals who with the communication from Spirit, work to unfold and prove eternal life from where we pass. The events, time lines and remarkable happenings are all true events which occurred along our individual paths to enter into one Spiritual Journey.


These lines of communication are open to all individuals wishing to ask for messages of love, understanding, guidance and knowledge from the Spirit World, It just takes time, commitment, a passion to understandand a strong dedication to serve the Great Spirit.


Open your hearts you're closer than you think!


Our History

Kath Griffiths

I was the third daughter born to Veronica and James Plunkett, we were just a working class family living in Nutgrove Thatto Heath St Helens. I attended Nutgrove Methodist School and then moving on to Robins lane secondary school. From being the age of six I had lots of spiritual experiences and over the years growing up it all felt very natural to me working with The Spirit world serving spirits the best I can. It has been my life and I continue to learn and love and embrace my spirit work.

Rod Griffiths

I was born in January 1951 at 37 Pollitt Crescent, Clock Face, St Helens. Home was a prefabricated house built after World War Two as a temporary measure to solve a housing shortage. I was the second child of Marie and Richard Griffiths and younger brother to Donald who was three years and nine months older than me. I was four years old when the family moved across town to a newly built counsel house at 18 Longridge Avenue, Blackbrook were we remained.

As a young boy I went to Parr Mount primary school in Fingerpost which is a short distance from St Helens town centre. The school was situated on the opposite side of the road to the chemist shop that Alan Costello, who had not yet been born, would eventually buy. I later went to Central Modern School in St Helens town centre and from there an apprenticeship with the largest employer in the town Pilkington Brothers who later became Pilkington Glass After sixteen years at Pilkington’s, married with two children I decided to leave and go self-employed. The business, K&R Engineering, is now run by my youngest daughter and my two son-in-law’s.

Graham Evans

This book was delayed in being published by the Coronavirus, A book launch was planned for the 28th March 2020, the launch was cancelled 3 days prior to the event after the whole of the UK was placed on lockdown, a unique and terrifying situation we all found ourselves in, our lives, our freedom and our world as we knew it was thrown in to total disarray, We witnessed panic buying, leaving empty food shelves in our supermarkets totally bare, a queuing system of measured 2 meter lengths, face masks being worn by millions and sadly loved ones being taken well before there time after being unable to battle the virus.

We saw governments world wide struggling to give advice on what best to do, we were shown daily graphs of how the pandemic was racing across our world, the virus attacking over a million people in a very short time period, young and old being affected, no matter of race, colour or creed.

The advice was stay at home, wash your hands regularly, don’t greet people, don’t shake hands, stand 2 meters apart, don’t go to work unless absolutely necessary, don’t travel, only come out of your home once a day for exercise, none of us new how long this would last, we just hoped and prayed for a change, an antivirus, some glimmer of hope that it would stop.

Our world is advancing at a tremendous rate in technology, we can access data at the push of a button, we make decisions in seconds now, when only a few years ago we couldn't, I look back at the old documentaries made at the time I was born 1961, life was slower then and people had time for people, we spoke to each other, we helped each other as we new the hardships people were going through, Family’s used to sit around the table and talk, a meal was not just a time to eat it was time to enjoy communication to see and look on peoples faces and reactions, it was a time of understanding, a time of great laughter and fun, sadly with text messages, email and every App under the sun, are we as a world losing the art of conversation and the ability to talk and debate, our younger generations will soon only know a push button life.

I feel very privileged to have been a part of Alan’s story, to meeting Kath and Rod, the strong relationship we have forged, The laughs we have in communication with spirit, yes laughs, as not all the communication is work some is very much like a social event, as when we pass to Spirit we still retain our sense of humour, there are times we preform or twice weekly seance, the three of us are close to tears with laughter from the communication from Spirit.

Spirit have ask to see more home circles, using prayer and meditation for communication, to move away from churches, committees and those who’s Egos go before them, We all have the ability to ask for guidance and communication from Spirit, we just need to learn how to access it.

Some strong questions I know, let’s hope it makes you think!

Copyright © Kath and Rod Griffiths 2020